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Photography, for me, is about storytelling.


After studying film in college, I was drawn back to the beautiful simplicity of photography.  Within every frame lies an entire world, each with its own story.  They reveal a truth, however fleeting, and encourage us to connect with the emotion captured inside.


I love finding those moments of beauty, joy, and excitement.  Whether it's your family, your wedding, your career, or your home, my goal is to help you identify what your story is, and capture your own truth.


Choosing the right photographer can be difficult; you are essentially inviting them into your world, and that can be scary.  Kids are fun to work with because there is something very special about the uninhibited.  But for many of us, it can be intimidating to have your photograph taken (not even I am immune!), so I never take my role as photographer for granted.  I am grateful each time someone invites me into their space, and I work hard with each of my clients to create a relaxed environment that will allow us to get down to the seriously fun business of telling your story.


Everyone has a story.  I would be honored to help you tell yours.

With love,


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